This Spinach Bacon Quiche is full of vegetables, eggs and bacon but lighter in calories. Stir gently to mix. Ingredients 2 rashers of bacon, finely chopped; 8 sheets of filo pastry, thawed; 50g butter, melted; 6 eggs, lightly whisked; 1/2 cup of tasty cheese, grated; 1/2 cup of cream; 3/4 cup of spinach, thawed and chopped; Directions. Pinterest 0. Katerina Toptsidi. Pie Crusts: I have made plenty of pie crusts in my day, but now I almost always use frozen pie crusts. It is called Spinach Bacon Quiche for a reason! I love that it's packed with veggies and that it doesn't have to have meat to make the meal. I also like to partially prebake the pie crusts for quiches and think that the bottom crust stays flakier. Top onions with spinach, chopped bacon, and both cheeses. Added to that is plenty of cheddar jack cheese. This recipe was adapted from one from Paula Deen. Top onions with spinach, chopped bacon, and both cheeses. If you are following a grain-free diet, you know how difficult coming up with new ideas can be. But again, feel free to substitute ham, Canadian bacon, or sausage. Lightened Up Spinach Bacon Quiche “This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Cooking Light and Real Simple, but all my opinions are my own. First time I made quiche I was a freshman in high school, and I made Quiche Lorraine during French class. Whisk eggs, half-and-half, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Novice. Servings 6. Which might seem kind of bizarre – because I don’t eat a whole lot of eggs – but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s most likely due to the cheese and crust. This quiche has fabulous flavor. Cool in the springform pan for 10 minutes. I should note that while quiche is considered a French recipe, there have been variations of quiche in both Italian and English cuisines since the early 13-14 century. 1 from 4 Images ‹ › All images. Spinach and Bacon Filo Quiche 8. Holding it all together is the decadent mixture of eggs, sour cream, and Half & Half. Pour egg mixture over onions, spinach, and bacon. Preparation 20 min. A savory quiche filled with crisp bacon, sautéed spinach, gruyere and a hint of dijon. This easy low carb keto crustless spinach bacon quiche adapted from the original Atkins quiche recipe is great for those following the Atkins Induction phase (phase 1). Keto Spinach And Bacon Quiche. At the beginning of the month I was so delighted to see that quiche was on the French Fridays with Dorie menu. 19/12/2020 "In order to bake a good Quiche you need to prepare the base carefully, and to balance the flavours in the filling, but the main ingredient remains Love!" Perfect for any occasion, this quiche is delicious and relatively easy to make. Favorite spinach and broccoli quiche made with fresh vegetables; spinach, broccoli with fresh eggs and cheddar cheese. Cook. Remove springform and transfer quiche to a serving platter. Remove springform and transfer quiche to a serving platter. And, it’s not always easy to add veggies in a variety of ways our kids will actually eat. I love crustless quiches because they're easy to prepare and they make a delicious high protein meal. Without a crust, this quiche is only 2 net carbs per serving! Spinach and Bacon Quiche. I know it’s not traditional, but my favorite cheese in a quiche is Monterey Jack. Quiche is one of my favorite foods. Pour egg mixture over onions, spinach, and bacon. Crustless Bacon Quiche with Mushrooms and Spinach This tasty crustless bacon quiche is packed with protein, not to even mention all the healthy nutrients of the added mushrooms and spinach. I love me some quiche, especially one that comes with bacon! 33. Cool in the springform pan for 10 minutes. The ingredients in this flavorful spinach quiche include Cheddar cheese, bacon, and seasonings. My favorite thing about quiches is how you can adapt them to use what you have and what you like. If you are a baker, feel free to make your own. Delight everyone at brunch with our Spinach & Bacon Quiche recipe. Stir gently to mix. This cheesy spinach quiche gets its smoky flavour from crispy bacon crumbles. I've been making this low carb crustless quiche for several years now. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Facebook 0. Whisk eggs, half-and-half, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. This spinach and bacon quiche is so good as a crustless quiche, but you can definitely use your favorite pie crust as well. This Spinach and Bacon Quiche is baked in a tender and flakey pie crust and is one of my favorites brunch on the weekends. Quick and easy to put together, this quiche is perfect for dinner alongside a green salad, for breakfast or brunch and also packs up easily for lunch. Perfect farmhouse flavor for your breakfast or brunch menu! I first made it over a month ago. And once you try these, you can see more yummy Egg Cup recipes here! Cooking 50 min. It's based on the original Dr. Atkin's Spinach Quiche, except that I've changed the recipe per my tastes. Bake for 40 minutes or until eggs have set up. Sautéed onions and spinach, plus ham and bacon. Spinach Bacon Quiche is a flavor packed, easy and delicious recipe perfect for breakfast or brunch. 6 large eggs 1 1/2 cups heavy cream 2 cups of chopped fresh baby spinach packed 1 pound of bacon cooked and crumbled 1 1/2 cup cheddar chesse 9 inch pie crust. 2. So fabulous that I don't know why I haven't shared it. This Bacon Cheese Spinach Quiche is the perfect way to use it. Make this low-carb almond flour crust quiche for your next brunch and everyone will love it! Bacon, Spinach and Cheddar Quiche. Combine the eggs, cream add salt and pepper until well combined. spinach quiche. Keto Spinach And Bacon QuicheFind over 80 more keto recipes in my e-cookbook! I suppose a spinach and cheese quiche is one of those indispensable French recipes, that every French person has in their arsenal. It is loaded with spinach and bacon…no to mention the cheese. I substituted cheddar cheese for swiss cheese. I threw in some green onions for color and good luck. This spinach and bacon quiche will satisfy even your biggest meat eater with an easy one-dish dinner! Quiche is one of those brunch foods that really takes your breakfast to the next level. These Spinach and Bacon Mini Quiches are sure to get them just as excited about eating their greens as they are about eating bacon. This easy and healthy spinach bacon quiche recipe is a fresh take on a traditional breakfast favorite! With bright green spinach leaves, crispy and chewy bacon, and a lot of cheese, this spinach bacon quiche really hits the spot on appearance and taste! A savory breakfast quiche is always a welcoming breakfast. Quite easy to make and comes out well every time. You will get around 6 serves from this recipe, however you can stretch this out if you serve it alongside extra veggies, a salad or even some homemade chips. Тotal 70 min. spinach and bacon quiche. This Bacon Spinach and Feta Quiche is one of my favourite Quiche recipes as takes relatively little effort to make (especially if you use store bought pastry) and it can also be frozen. If you love quiche as much as I do, don’t miss my Quiche Lorraine and Broccoli Cheese Quiche recipes. Google+ 0. Total win in my book! Bake for 40 minutes or until eggs have set up. Either way, it’s going to be amazing! You can almost never go wrong with cheese and pie crust. Image: Sia Ribagina ‹ › Add photo.