Oddly, the harsh is transferred to the cherries. Hi Dawn, I ran out before this year’s cherries came in. Although this method is not practical for preserving large amounts of fruit, it makes a delicious treat that has many culinary uses or is great on its own. I don’t refrigerate. Visiting from Creative Home Expressions Blog hop. We pit the cherries, first and then process quarts of them in an extra light sugar syrup. CB. Do not miss out on the opportunity to preserve boozy cherries. Just make sure the cherries are TOTALLY submerged in the vodka and you’ll be fine. You can use any cherry that you find to be tasty. Wash and dry the cherries; do not remove the stems. You got to give those babies at least 4 months to flavor the vodka. You can still get a nice product with a less expensive vodka……maybe not as smooth. I’ve used the recipe often, and found that it adapts to many other fruits, such as strawberries, cherries, and surprising, also to rhubarb. CB, Those cherries look amazing. See you next Sunday. Regards, Getting ready to try this. She’s used the technique to preserve raspberries in vodka, which she plans to churn into sorbet, and greengage plums in brandy, to bake into an upside-down gingerbread cake … One way is to add cherries to a jam jar, top with booze (vodka, brandy and whiskey are all fine choices – but a cherry liqueur like Luxardo is another fantastic option) and let it sit for a week or more. Regards, Hi Kathy, OK I have now done 20 batches of your wonderful cherries Problem?? Ingredients. I push and the lid gives a bit. Find out more about me and the blog here. You’ve got me thinking. But it sounds like won't really work. CB. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. We have done this same thing in large jars with our plums. I hope you begin the tradition of “drunken cherries” this Christmas. If it were me….I’d wait for a local Bing cherry. OK Just put up 5 small jars of the cherries Wondering about the seal on them?? Seal up the jar. Just remember to remind your guests before they take a bite! I didn’t realize something so lovely was so easily made! Hi Kat, Some examples would be: *fresh apricots, halved and covered with vodka *Apricots (halved) and cherries (with tiny bit of stem still on) covered in dark rum with cinnamon stick *raspberries with grappa in a small jar *peaches in light rum and triple sec . Fill the jar with vodka, leaving a 1/4″ headspace. Hey Brooke, Here I share recipes, reviews and other updates on my life. I have included both means for preserving this brandied cherry recipe. My friends are fans as well. I was just wondering how long after the 4 months they will keep with the cherries maintaining their integrity? CB. Best of success, Love for you to come by Wildcrafting Wednesday and share this post. I was actually making cherry brandy and hadn’t thought to simply preserve some cherries. Sterilise your jars by washing them in hot, soapy water before rinsing them thoroughly. Why You May Want To Consider Getting Sex-Link Chicks This Spring! Place the cherries in two 20-ounce bottles or jars. Hi Laila, Glad to hear I have helped in a new chapter. Thanks for sharring my post. Mini Baked Orange and Ginger Cheesecakes (vegan), Naked Christmas Cake with Glazed Nuts and Cherries, Cranberry & Amaretto, a Christmas Cocktail, Cranberry Aperol Spritz, a Christmas Cocktail, Spoon over desserts like vanilla ice cream or dark chocolate brownies, Add to pies or crumbles for a boozy pudding, Serve alongside a cheeseboard or charcuterie platter, Place in the centre of homemade chocolate truffles or simply dip in dark chocolate for an alcoholic treat, Use as a cherry infused spirit for cocktails or to add to a punch, Spoon over sponge cakes or lady fingers in a trifle, Add to jams and jellies to give them a boozy kick. 500ml Vodka . How in the heck do you wait 4 MONTHS? Place the jars into your oven for 10 minutes on a low temperature (160C/320F/gas mark 3) or until they are dry. Alcohol to cover (high % - vodka, grappa, rum, triple sec, etc) Optional add-ins: cinnamon stick, vanilla bean or extract, cloves. So if you are trying to preserve fruit, putting it in alcohol is not the way to go. CB. Followed you from the Homestead Barn Hop. Both the vodka and gin cherries had a jarring, acrid, alcoholic bite, which failed to mesh with the cherry notes—but at least the cherry notes were there. The liquid they’ve been soaking in is both hot due to the high alcohol content but also sweet and spicy. We like to start with the deep, red Bings that are in season right now. It was a great learning experience and now that I have spent a year tasting the results, I’m happy to share these 10 terrific ways to preserve cherries… Frozen cherries Cherries freeze really well, and you can use them throughout the year in smoothies, cobblers, and more (my personal favorite is snacking on them straight from the freezer). I shall be adding more fruit as it becomes available, Hi Arty, I’ve preserved my cherries in vodka but if I’m honest, this recipe would work equally well with rum or even brandy. Thanks for your comments. Thank you for sharing at Tuesdays with a Twist! Then check out my press page. I don’t like the texture or the presentation of the cherry if it is pitted. Could I use grapes instead of cherries? Thanks Mamma G. Fill the jar with vodka, leaving a 1/4″ headspace. Seal up the jar. I never found a recipe. Lizzie, Note: There is no need to sterilize the jar because the vodka will act as a preservative for the fruit. CB, Hi Barbara, Macerating cherries is a perfect way to preserve this fleeting taste of summer. As always, Supper in the Suburbs encourages you to drink sensibly! They are cherries soaked in a rum-heavy sweetened syrup. They will still be firm and taste great long after 4 months. Pour over the vodka, seal the jars and shake well. Divide the sugar, vanilla bean, and vodka between the bottles. I used Bing cherries because they are available and really sweet. Add campden tablet if using. The results of my cherry preserving bender are nothing short of lip-smacking. Is it possible that your cherries were starting to spoil before you put them in the jar? I recall some older relatives reminisce about this tradition. If you can't buy cherries fresh from a local farm, frozen will work just as well. Problem solved. I found some great pomegranates and the market. You could, of course, use a heavier syrup if you so desire.You also don't have to pit, though the cherries might crack in the canning process. Store the cherries in a cool dark place for a … Bookmarking this now! Regards, Thank you for sharing this at the HomeAcre Hop. It seems like you leave the pits in the cherries? Apr 1, 2013 - recipe: sweet cherries, canning cherries, canning, preserving, seasonal recipe, cherries Stopping by from The Homesteaders Hop, thanks for participating and come again this Sunday! Cherry Liqueur Recipe (Ciliegia Cello) Combine 2 pounds washed, stemmed, pitted, and crushed cherries with 750 ml vodka in a half-gallon or larger pickling crock or glass jar. Did you leave the 1/4″ head space? You gotta’ wait for the vodka and the sugars in the cherries to blend into a fantastic flavor. Yes please! There are too many choices! So are you hot water bathing these to seal? Cloves, orange peel? I will have to go back out and pick some more cherries tomorrow as I stoned all the ones that I picked today. These cherries are a sweet treat for adults only! CB. Regards, Pack the cherries into the sterilised jars along with the star anise, vanilla pods and caster sugar. I’d like to know how you make out. All of these delicious fruit liqueurs are easily homemade in the same way as limoncello. Do they need to be refrigerated? I can’t explain the alchemy here, but it does work. Make maraschino cherries for a tasty treat or addition to cocktails. They are great to eat fresh and even better to jar for the winter in some vodka. Please pass on your vanilla extract recipe at your convenience. Thanks, Hi Betty Lou’ I have just done a very similar thing with brandy. Thank you. Wash a few cups' worth and place in a wide-mouth jar. These boozy cherry bombs are infused with vodka, star anise and vanilla. Thanks so very much!! CB. Hi Kim, This sounds wonderful but I can’t get cherries this time of year. It’s almost as though you get two delicious things to eat and drink with just this one recipe. How to preserve cherries – the easiest way of preserving cherries, either sweet or sour, in a low sugar way: only 1 or 2 tablespoons sugar (to taste) per jar. You don’t even have to take the stems off. Here’s the problem. I have a question. Thanks for all your help, Marise, Hi Marise, CB. I used my leftover cherries to start a Rumtopf. HI Regula, When you have a plethora of cherries, there are plenty of ways to preserve them so you can enjoy them for months to come. CB, Oh my goodness. I prefer brandy or vodka, and almost any fruit can be used. Hope tasting them wins Thanks for starting a new Christmas Cherry tradition in our home and for friends , Hi Marise,

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