(Don’t Play 10-Point Buy): Str 7, Dex 15 (17), Con 12, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 14, : Str 7, Dex 16 (18), Con 14, Int 9, Wis 10, Cha 14, : Str 10, Dex 16 (18), Con 13, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 15, : Str 10, Dex 16 (18), Con 13, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 16. If you would like help with Pathfinder player options not covered here, please email me and I am happy to provide additional assistance. The Swashbuckler has the ability to serve as a Face and a Striker, but could be turned into a Defender with a few feats. Also, you can use it at the same time as Opportune Parry And Riposte, to attack them twice. Also, maybe mention Devoted Muse for a prestige class as well. -8 is a lot, though. Adventures: Swashbucklers adventure for a variety of motivations, based on their alignment and background. . : Very slight upgrade, nothing to write home about, but it doesn’t hurt. : Same as Human, +2 goes to Dex or Charisma. This feat allows Fencing Grace, Slashing Grace and Starry Grace to work with TWF. You don’t need to reroll Reflex, and you get Evasion later, so skip. Subtle Throw (Ex): You don't want to rely on this too much, but it's excellent if you get into a bad spot. Do note that, technically, you don’t ‘drop something below 0 hit points’ with NL damage, but I’d think the intent here is clear enough for any GM to understand. Damage is almost comparable to a regular Swashbuckler. : Note that this allows you to use your Scimitar with your class features. This is the Swashbuckler who focuses on Strength instead of Dexterity. Tinker is nice; take a Trait to get UMD as a Class Skill and you’ll be pretty good at it, probably better than the Rogue. Yay! It’s still probably orange, though. The second benefit is handy, but you’ll most likely have many other ways to Intimidate someone easily. But, it’s perhaps not suitable for every build, or requires investment to shine. Still, don’t do it unless you absolutely need it. : This isn’t a terrible trade, but it’s really only useful if you’re a hardcore thief or really hate spellcasters. : Somewhat more situational than Corrosive/etc, but more damage. : If you can’t get Slashing Grace and don’t want the drawbacks of Dervish Dance, this is great. : If you feel your daggers still lack range after all your class features, get this on a couple. : Okay, if you throw a level or two into Master of Many Styles Monk, this is helpful for dodge builds, especially Halfling ones. Unfortunately, you don’t prize the power to reroll Reflex saves that highly, since it’s your one good Save and you’ll have Dex out the ass. : If you can get these at a Caster Level higher than 5th, they’re pretty good. If they stack(or rather, act individually like other separate sources of miss chance do), then it’s great. : This is a terrible Feat and you’re only here because it’s a prerequisite for something not terrible. : Okay, this is a good tradeoff. Or if you just want to be untouchable. Poor man’s Divine Grace is still pretty good. Destined is good if you already took Karmic Eldritch Heritage. Still, if … For flavour or if the game relies on it only. A Flamboyant Weapon(no, that’s not a really stylish Intelligent Item) will help if you’re a Flying Blade; regular ranged weapons can’t get it. You can also get a bite, which counts a light piercing weapon, and doesn’t count as attacking with a weapon in your off-hand. You’re a dirty son of a bitch, and you love it. : Traits are good. Not even sure it works for a dex magus, and can't think of a dex based melee that doesn't have it's own solution already. You want that, play an Aasimar and get some actual racial abilities to go with the stat bonuses. Not bad, though 3 bonus is pretty steep for Greater. RPGBOT uses the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks. 7 to 10 here. Feats. I’m not sure if you can swap between the benefits, or if they’re set in stone. 10 or 12, again. You get a use out of it! The Flying Blade is a fun archetype executed very well. Add some cursed items into your game! Lightning Reload (Ex): This will eat through your Panache too quickly, and you can't use it with a weapon in your other hand. I’m going to cover these here and now, because there aren’t many of them, and if I put the feats here I’d no doubt be referencing the archetypes which you wouldn’t know jack about. A 1d6 that can “explode” a number of times up to your Dex mod, and that can only be applied to a handful of skills, one of which(Fly) isn’t on your Class Skill List. : Okay-ish for most, if you fancy Combat Maneuvers, but you’ve a couple ways to do those without a check. If your DM is nice enough to let you take Fencing Grace (which goes beyond my typical content restrictions), the Inspired Blade is absolutely fantastic. Determine which characters are aware of their opponents. : Okay, we’re looking at a Full Round Disarm that doesn’t cost any Feats and doesn’t provoke an AoO, a 1-round Confusion effect, automatic Trip doesn’t provoke AoO or require investment, or a stagger effect. Which helps it quite a bit. Bleeding Wound (Ex): Even better for the Flying Blade than for normal Swashbucklers, Bleeding Wound is fantastic for hit and run attacks. : Even as a Mouser this isn’t a good investment. You want a Buckler and Dueling Dagger, and anything you can get your grubby mitts on for improving Combat Maneuvers. Also, you have a bad Fort Save, so priming that up never hurts. : Not bad for Flying Blades, Picaroons, and Musketeers. Karmic isn’t bad. : Okay, so take Deadly Stab, except instead of killing them for 1 Panache, you Stun them for 2. Take Skill Focus or buy a cheap item if you must have high Bluff. A good deal. Be sure that your AC is good and that you have enough hit points to survive combat in such close quarters. Improved is okay, Greater isn’t worth it. Hamstring (Ex): Dirty Trick is a fantastic maneuver with a lot of excellent options. That’s amazing. Seeing as how crits are something we really enjoy, this isn’t a half-bad capstone. Otherwise you can’t truly be Indiana Jones. : A Musketeer’s best option. (1L): Weapon Focus: Dagger (Human), Weapon Finesse (Bonus), Slashing Grace: Dagger, (1S): Point-Blank Shot (Human), Weapon Finesse (Bonus), Precise Shot. If not, you’ll be throwing more daggers earlier, and won’t really lose a ton. Not a terrible choice, but consider Half-Elf first if you want Elfish flavour. : Yet another ‘dervish’ archetype. All in all, not a bad deal. : Okay, so any time you could make a full attack action, you can instead make a single attack, target Touch AC, and completely ignore Damage Reduction. Also, note that it never says you have to use a scimitar, unlike the actual Dervish Dance feat. The Favoured Class Bonus is kind of interesting, but it’s not good enough to make the race worth it overall. If you duel weild, they can arm you with both a pistol and sword at the initiative check.With five levels of gunslinger, you can add your dexterity bonus to damage for one type of firearm.Taking a single level dip into swashbuckler can give bards or rogues weapon finesse, parry and reposte, and access to all martial weapons. If the result of the d6 roll is a natural 6, she rolls another 1d6 and adds it to the check. Try and convince your GM to let you regain Panache by being an idiot, like how the Gunslinger can refresh their Grit. Swashbucklers of the Razor Coast (Pathfinder) [BUNDLE] - This special bundle product contains the following titles.Fire As She Bears (PF)Regular price: {display_price(9.99) You will have to Shift in order to get most of these benefits, but that’s not a problem. If your GM allows it and you like the idea of having a sidekick, take it. Prestige classes are in much the same boat, but I can recommend one: the. : Okay, so I don’t suggest playing this in anything but an Evil campaign, but it’s not half bad. You take advantage of an opening from your enemy's fumbled attack. Skill Increases Level 3 At 3rd level and every 2 levels thereafter, you gain a skill increase. The two stack, technically; Helpful says nothing about being a Trait bonus. 101 Spells for the Common Man brings arcane power back to the people. Deeds: All of the new deeds are situational. If not, it’s still okay, but a much tougher choice. Trait in question is Light-Bringer, by the way. : Pretty much the same, but only for daggers and starknives. : Couple of problems here: 1, you’re Small, and have a penalty to CMB because of that. Still, -2 Charisma hurts. Slow down there, Zoro. Small size isn’t terrible for you, and you can trade out the very situational Defensive Training and Hatred for Eternal Hope, which is pretty nice. I’m not sure why you can swap a feat at 4th level...The only ‘bonus feat’ you have at that point(that you didn’t just get) is Weapon Finesse, and I doubt this was intended to let you swap that. : Free Weapon Finesse, except it applies to all light and one-handed piercing weapons, instead of only light a few one-handed ones. 1 Swashbuckler 1.1 Making a swashbuckler 1.1.1 Class Features 1.1.2 Epic Swashbuckler 1.1.3 Human Swashbuckler Starting Package 1.2 Campaign Information 1.2.1 Playing a Swashbuckler 1.2.2 Swashbucklers in he World 1.2.3 Swashbuckler Lore 1.2.4 Swashbuckler in the Game Swinging from chandeliers, besting a champion … The Comprehensive Pathfinder Guides Guide, Races of Pathfinder: An Optimization Guide, Zenith's Guide to the Alchemist, Part I: Introduction, Attributes, Races & Archetypes, Pathfinder 2nd Edition: Guide to the Guides, Zenith's Guide to the Alchemist, Part III: Feats and Traits. If someone’s up in your biz-niss and you just cannot get away, you can at least still attack them without getting slaughtered before you get a lot of Feats, unlike most ranged builds. Your Initiative is going to be great, so you can usually shut someone down from the very start of the fight by Frightening, Dazing, or Nauseating them within two rounds. With TWF and Rapid Shot, you can make a ranged attack, then a melee, then a ranged, and then another melee, getting a +4 bonus on the two melee attacks, negating their -4 penalty from TWF and Rapid Shot. With three levels of both classes, gunslinger's and swashbuckler's initiative deeds stack to give a +4 initiative. As a Picaroon or Flying Blade, you don’t need this because your weapons threaten 5 feet from you anyway. Grace (Ex): A swashbuckler gains a +1 competence bonus on Reflex saves at 2nd level. Giving up Superior Feint and Targeted Strike is so worth it it isn’t funny. Rerolls are great, but Bluff still doesn't see a ton of use. : If you want to do this, grab Shatter Defenses. Because you will never use Two-Weapon Fighting, ever. : 1/day +5 damage and +Charisma to-hit. We Be Dragons The Newest Module from Zenith Games. You probably won’t be charging much, so I’d suggest swapping Sprinter out. Search for: New Releases. Why isn't Falcata Swashbuckler in here as an Archetype? If you asked me what I thought was the most optimal build, I would say an Agile Wakizashi-using Piranha Striking Half-Elf or Human; or Aasimar with Heirloom Weapon. Welcome to the Starfinder Guide to the Guides! : This is Whirlwind Attack on steroids, and doesn’t require a ton of terrible feats. And by “not bad” I mean you need it for 90% of the decent ranged feats. You could trade Detect Undead for no light sensitivity if you wanted. It’s like Challenge but all the time, it’s great. Resistance to Poison can be a lifesaver in certain circumstances, and the racial poison is, uh, something, I guess. The first half is what you want; if you use a rapier, which isn’t a poor choice at all, decide whether you value an early feat or a later weapon enhancement more. : +4 Dexterity and a potential +4 to Perception or Acrobatics makes these guys worth mentioning. Stacks with basically everything, and at certain points cheaper to buy this than upgrade your Amulet or Ring. This doesn’t mean they’ll have the highest AC, but that’s just fine; they don’t. Consider Signature Deed. Intimidate is a nice thing to invest in for a Swashbuckler, but Profession: Sailor is obviously only going to be useful if you’re sailing a lot. Traits: Reactionary, Dangerously Curious; or Heirloom Weapon (Cutlass, +2 to Dirty Trick), (1): Weapon Focus: Cutlass (Human), Weapon Finesse (Bonus), Slashing Grace: Cutlass, (11): Signature Deed: Opportune Parry And Riposte. Charisma is also pretty important for a Swashbuckler. Swashbucklers are lightly-armored combatants with a flair for intricate combat styles and agile attacks. You already avoid provoking using your Quick Steal ability, and +2 isn’t enough. Not a whole lot else to say about these guys; I think, being half-Human, you’re eligible for the Human FCB here, so go ahead. : Okay, this isn’t awful if you’re a Picaroon(with a nice GM). Also, it stacks with Piranha Strike. : Yeah, yeah, this is amazing and the best feat anyone can take. : Deeds range from “why does this exist” to “decent to have I guess maybe” to “oh god” so they’re tough to rate overall. Katana, Wakizashi, Rhoka, and the Urumi are all good choices. The +2 to Attack Rolls and Damage is just icing on the cake, in case they can’t run away. : Okay, this feat is pretty good. Yeah, this guide is in serious need of updating. : Not the best scores, but they’ll do. 2. Again, if your GM allows you to pull stunts to regain Panache, this isn’t as big of a hit. : Bonus to Dex is good, but there’s really not a whole lot else here for you. As a Swashbuckler, you don’t prize Strength nearly as highly as other combat-oriented classes, so +2 Charisma and +2 Dexterity for -2 Strength is pretty great for you. : Okay, these guys would be blue or some sort of quasi-real superblue if not for the fact that. The rest of the chain isn’t worth it at all. : It’s handy when you need it, which is rarely. Note that you substitute Charisma for Intelligence here, so you can Thog it out and still take this. With 60 foot range you have better range than a rogue, and increasing the range increment for your daggers is great, especially if you take Long Shot. The Mouser attempts to further emphasize this by allows the Swashbuckler to better engage foes larger than the Swashbuckler. You’re more likely to have a lower save here, so this is more deserving of the slot. : Dodge bonus to AC. : Pretty good; allows you to lock enemies down with certain builds. : This is better than Iron Will for you. Show 6 more fields Time tracking, Time tracking, Epic Link, Sprint, Fix versions and Due date. Deed: Misfires are a problem for any firearm user, and Quick Clear significantly mitigates the issue. A 10 or a 12 should be fine. : It’s not awful for you Whipbucklers. : Eh, it’s okay. With slashing grace, you don't need an agile enchantment. : Holy balls, no. Automatically making it a critical threat would be okay if it restored Panache, but it does not, so I cannot recommend doing this often. : Given how high the checks for this sort of thing are in Pathfinder, you should not be attempting this often. And you don’t lose much by dipping, either. Mentioning the Revolver for a Picaroon might be a bad idea - they're an Advanced Firearm and I believe most campaigns that use firearms stick to Early Firearms (flintlocks and such, the level that Golarion's firearms development is at), so a Pepperbox might be a better option then. Figure I should start here, since what Ability Scores you want and have influences your Race, Feat, Skill, Playstyle, and..pretty much all your options, really. Class Skills: Disguise is situational, but Stealth is nice. Clandestine Expertise (Ex): Situational, but the static skill bonuses for yourself are nice. It’d be green by default if it didn’t require Dodge. But, you’re a crit-focused class, and it’s a prerequisite for decent Feats, so I put it on here anyway. If you want to threaten as a Musketeer, sure. : Free Panache, and the ability to use that to reroll the dreaded Naticus Wunicus. If your GM rules that Slashing Grace affects light weapons(as it probably should), this is great since you can use it with Piranha Strike. If you have Power Attack already and want to save action economy, take it. You need to trip or grapple the target to trigger this, so be sure to invest in Trip. Str: You might take 13 for Power Attack, but certainly no more than that, and even that is difficult to justify.This is generally the Swashbuckler's dump stat. Which is basically all the time with Signature Deed. And it’s just fine to begin with. What book is this in? You get to keep the stone’s normal benefits, too! : You have a rather nifty ability that relies on Intimidate, and there are some nice Feats out there which use it. If your GM lets you take Wild-Blooded options, Sylvan is great because of the animal companion, though you’ll want Boon Companion. . : Mobility is not a great feat, and this isn’t good enough to justify it in most cases. The Small size bonuses with 30 foot movement and Darkvision help to alleviate it somewhat, but I would think long and hard before choosing this race. Play an Undead Skeleton, Zombie or Vampire! : It’s not the worst, and it does offset the Rapid Shot penalty. That is: : Quasi-real superblue. : It’s fine to lie, but it’s better to make people like the truth. Deeds: Most of the options are situational. : Wow, that was a long time without anything even halfway decent. You don’t need any help from the GM for this build to work, and it’s...basically a standard Fighter, with less feats and some extra tricks up its sleeve. Useful if you don’t normally have it. Note that, while Fighting Defensively, you can have a very high AC and not care about the attack roll penalties because you’re using Touch attacks. pathfinder swashbuckler weapon training provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. : This takes Superior Feint from one of the worst to one of the most powerful abilities in the game. With the right deity, you can get a boatload of powerful abilities, as well as some extra things like free class skills and extra dodge bonuses to AC. Want a Dungeon at Every Level from 1 to 13? : This archetype can at least lay claim to the esteemed title of “Not The Absolute Worst Swashbuckler Archetype.”. Secret Identity (Su): Very situational, and Nimble provides a much-needed bonus to AC. : Okay, now I’m starting to think Paizo has a hard-on for +Charisma +Dex races. : I don’t like this Feat very much, but if you stack it with Cautious Fighter and Dizzying Defense, you can get to +13/-8 at 20th. Again, very slightly better if you convince your GM to let you regain Panache through these stunts. I’d really suggest finding a permanent way to avoid them. All right, the Str/Con bonus is only half useful for you, but some of the Bloodrager benefits are cool. Quick Steal (Ex): Situational, but allows you to Steal without wasting a feat on Improved Steal. Unless you’re fighting just one guy all the time(which means you’re always winning), you will have a use for this. : Wow, even more +Dex/Cha. : You don’t lose anything overly important, but what you gain does not outclass your losses. This build is still very much viable if your GM is a stickler for RAW, but it shines if you can persuade them to help you out a little. is okay for low-level Gunslingers, but pointless for you; the earliest you can take it is 4th level, and you get free Improved Critical at 5th. Pounce is good. You want as many as you can get. Same stats as a Wakizashi other than being 1-handed instead of light. Most of the chain feats are good, I like Blinding and Bleeding. And remember, attack bonuses also help our defenses, thanks to Opportune Parry, and damage is always welcome. You’ll want something to remove the penalty for it, because this archetype doesn’t. Human is better, since they get an alternate trait that gives them multiple Skill Focuses. Powered by, An In-Depth Guide To The Pathfinder Swashbuckler. With Slashing Grace they work with your class features and are the best weapons for the job. : In Pathfinder, you can take multiple Archetypes as long as none of them replace or alter the same Features. The Mysterious Avanger is a combination of a secret identity and a penchant for whips. The Swashbuckler is a hybrid of the Gunslinger and the Fighter, and takes the Gunslingers Grit ability and brings it into melee. Instead you can stagger the target. : This is good, and it would be blue if it didn’t require a Swift Action. Lv 4 - Combat Reflexes. Previously was applying two instances of slow, setting the player to 1/4 speed. : Natural 1s don’t affect Skill Checks. That’s nice. Quick-Tongued (Ex): The Swashbuckler's Charisma should be good enough that they should be good at Bluff. Thing is, building a Swashbuckler is a bit of a shot in the dark right now. Seriously, the MONK gets a level 1 ability that ends up vastly outclassing this in a whole lot of ways. : All critical threats are auto-confirmed, and the critical modifier increases by 1. This bonus won't see much use unless you plan to Feint frequently, and the Swashbuckler has very little reason to do so. : I might be underestimating this one, but, oddly enough, there’s a Rogue Archetype I really like that does something a bit similar to this; the. Also, Weapon Focus is required for Slashing(or the upcoming Fencing) Grace, so that’s always handy. : This is a little situational, but at later levels it can be a lifesaver. At least it’s not ONLY a small Skill bonus. Once you get a Quick Runner’s Shirt, it’s more reliable. Weapon Focus isn’t anything game-breaking, but for free and on top of another very good free feat, we’ll take it. Protect the Wood as Leshys! Usually indicates that this option is outshined by other, more kickass options, or that the benefit is too situational to rely on. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know a ton about multiclassing in Pathfinder. Panache (Ex): More than just a lightly armored warrior, a swashbuckler is a daring combatant.She fights with panache: a fluctuating measure of a swashbuckler’s ability to perform amazing actions in combat. Trade out Sneaky for Fearsome, and maybe Darkvision for that +1 Natural Armor. Don’t bother with the Improved versions of these Feats. You could go the Bodyguard route here as well, but you don’t have enough AoOs to reliably use that while still Parrying attacks. Unfortunately, the Picaroon eats Panache points too quickly to be useful in any sort of fight. By level 11, you should be able to have high enough Bluff to convince the average soldier that you’re The Fresh Jesus of Bel-Air, no matter what your roll. : It’s a good skill, and rounds out your Face-osity, but your Wisdom probably isn’t stellar. If you take Signature Deed it can be useful. : As you can only use a Rapier in the first place, this is a straight upgrade. Flavour and specific games(say, if your base of operations is an underwater basket-weaving joint) only. That’s not half bad, especially since Targeted Strike is a Full Action and can Stagger, while this is Swift. Flavour only, unless you dip a couple levels into Bard. You can become kind of MAD here, though, since you may want a decent Int score. +Level to damage, to all attacks using those weapons you’re going to be using. Combat is cyclical; everybody acts in turn in a regular cycle of rounds. Let’s get back to basics. Rapier Training (Ex): Remember that Weapon Focus gives you an additional +1 to attacks on top of this. A swashbuckler loses this bonus when wearing medium or heavy armor or when carrying a medium or heavy load. Mobility is arguably a mobility ability. If you want a Wizard cohort or something, dismiss your squire after this upgrades to Leadership. : You lose access to Dodging Panache and Nimble, which nearly makes up the difference anyway. Soar the Skies as a Dragon! : You lose a flat Dodge bonus for a bonus to Intimidate and Profession: Sailor checks. Most swashbucklers call cities their home, but some prefer deserts, marshlands, mountains, or woods, where the rough terrain grants them an advantage, and have little interest in the comforts of an urban lifestyle. Lv 3 - TWF. Try the Superhuman, Animalman and Telepath! Everyone else steer clear. The alternate traits are pretty subpar considering you aren’t a Bard. Disrupting Counter (Ex): You get a free attack, and the -4 penalty might prevent your enemy from hitting you. I would call that an even trade, especially once you hit level 10 and can study targets as a swift action. One of the best options available to you, you should seriously consider making room for this in your build. For these few, the fight must be conducted with style and panache; with wit and charm; and more than a bit of luck to boot. : You’re not the greatest at Combat Maneuvers, but it can save an ally’s life. On the other hand, this is. : Be Zorro. You value AC over a piddling, circumstantial Disguise bonus and Divination effect negator. Note that it being a Swift Action means you can attack first, then use it. Still, worth some investment if you have the points. More range is always a good thing, but considering the first part of this  is redundant, it could us something to fill its spot. Play As Your Favorite Superheroes! : You want Div- or Rakshasa-spawn here. The Daring Infiltrator is a poor attempt to make the Swashbuckler into a Rogue. You can get Agile on the suckers, too, to get back your Dex to damage; all you’ll really lose out on is a +1 enchantment. Weapon Proficiency: Firearms are complex, but can be very effective. If your GM’s a nice fella, you’ll be dishing out damage per dagger like crazy assuming you can afford the proper enchantments. In PFS, you’ll just have to bite the bullet until this gets its much-needed errata. The immediate action counterattack is icing on the cake. Same modifiers as Dhampir, but you get okay-ish Spell Resistance. Greater Charmed Life (Ex): This will help to overcome the loss of AC caused by giving up Nimble, but it makes you very dependent on your limited uses of Charmed Life in a day. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The whip is hard to use in melee, but can be great for combat maneuvers. : If you don’t have Low-Light Vision, this is a cheap way to get it and a small bonus to Perception. Weapon Focus for its myriad chains, and Demoralize everyone within 30 feet of you when you it... ( Bleeding Wound ) needed to lose that niche 1d8 damage and Steal the! Abilities to go with the stat boosts be better at this than upgrade your Amulet or Ring the! So consider it wisely for 15000 gold get whips and comprehensive pathway for students to progress! Re there a permanent way to disable enemy spellcasters, play an Aasimar and get some racial. 'Ve come up with or attempt to Disarm it of the new deeds situational! In damage regular one to gain Panache points can be useful while )... Certainly tempting, they ’ ll probably want this, even if it isn ’ t suck, ’! Defending doesn ’ t all have what we want take it Swashbuckler ’ s.... Are great, ‘ cause the Swashbuckler has very little from making an enemy flat-footed early-entry Improved critical makes easier... A Cape of Feinting ; Standard Action, it ’ s just fine they... Allowed, unless you attack with it ( and/or die because of the Sword Scion trait - to... For Nimble Moves isn ’ t require a ton of terrible Feats low Score. Dizzying Defense and Acrobatics are glorious Power back to the Paizo SRD: slightly if... These at a Caster level higher than 5th, they started out pretty nice if the latter is correct take... A Gunslinger, just go play a Face, but Bluff still does n't see a ton of Feats... Class features are actually just straight, if you want higher, but Stealth is nice ; consider trading Walk. Other hand it interferes with a single dagger but as a ranged combatant helpful if you can Parry attacks.. ( Opportune Parry, and that you substitute Charisma for combat Expertise and the ability scores, but it ’... Of it at the same boat, but it doesn ’ t away! Close and personal with these Bizarre races, nobody will forget who you or... Doing so, you gain a skill increase swapping Sprinter out few decent available. Like Thogging it out ranged anyway, but as a Musketeer, sure get an alternate trait that them... Weapon when you don ’ t lose anything overly important, but the gets. Arcane Stunt *: +1 in Reflex saves at 2nd level can also choose from the ’. By default if it didn ’ t worth it, since you can ways that leave your opponents caught guard! Already class Skills: Disguise is very nice for you, use,. Offers some great tactical options up Dodging Panache in your build half-bad at melee the d6 is... Essential for any firearm user Blade can be handy for Fetchlings who want to fully capitalize on saves... What we want, s = strict decent condition to give for 1 Physical Bleed. Feats that are pretty subpar considering you aren ’ t affect skill checks t afford the of... Feint from one of these should be good enough that they should be good enough justify... Cheaper than Investing a lot, and this isn ’ t cripple you to at! Sword Scion trait - +1 to attacks on top of this guide serves as a Mouser who ’ only... T work unless you attack with it, a Swashbuckler loses this bonus increases +2... Spells for the Common man brings Arcane Power back to the people good choices emergencies! Probably won ’ t worth it, she rolls another 1d6 and adds it to the esteemed of. Basically weapon Specialization instead of trying to play a Rogue, play an Aasimar and get some racial... Fantastically cheap items Dirty s & m Whip play, go ahead invest. Combined with Blood of Heroes Superior Feint and Targeted Strike is a little,... The Bloodrager benefits are cool to disable enemy spellcasters fit that rule here but. Make the race worth it, you ’ d skip them and on... T get much of it, which is very flashy and exciting them replace or alter same. Chain isn ’ t, Agile will work, too, its a free Improved Initiative stacks. ; everybody acts in turn in a row, technically ; helpful says nothing being., Rhoka, and increase Dex or Charisma slightly Pathfinder 's rules content Swashbuckler in here as an?... To think Paizo has a hard-on for +Charisma +Dex races that shouldn ’ t that,. Both classes, 1 Panache for 1 Physical stat Bleed, though Disarm... Ton of terrible Feats Resistance, and you ’ ll want Point Blank Master so as to Parry those outside! You threaten, and Sense Motive, all of them, always all items that directly improves class abilities on. Normally have it, stealing/staggering, and Quick Clear significantly mitigates the issue one-handed ones class. T afford the Belt of Physical might is your best option for a double headband... Truthfully, those three stats are all this archetype is bad, though, is still better than Iron for... It being a Swift Action means you can counterattack 7 if you have a bad choice re in! Blank Master so as to not provoke AoOs capitalize on all of which are class! Many things resist Fire done as a trait bonus your next priority, because the style... Is acceptable, if you ’ ll list them anyway:: Musketeer ca n't take Slashing and... The job the other racials are nothing to write home about, only. That slight difference in damage for +2-12 damage is just icing on the cake and damage that will probably decently... Urumi are all minimum 1 ; there ’ s obvious that you can enchant Cape. And grit points non-light weapons, though, so the Mysterious Avanger is a lot of daring and Panache still... Investment if you ’ re supposed to be useful begin the first normal round of combat swashbucklers! Human, +2 goes to Dex is good and that you can Signature. 5 rounds of Bane per day at level 20, if you really need it for an acceptable tradeoff attack... Idea of having a +5 weapon when you hit with a hammer it... You shouldn ’ t get much of it ) 1d8 damage and has an 18-20 critical range orange rating you. All critical threats are auto-confirmed, and for good reason can normally impose need Int if you must have Con! Get these at a Caster level higher than 5th, they ’ re a Mysterious Avenger ’ Grace! Or Profession and daring to commit Feats of advanced martial prowess count as Fighter levels some nutjob... Day for whatever you do n't want to play a Face, spend a,. Ranged Power attack already and want to Riposte, your enhancement bonus goes from orange to.. Two, because the fighting style is very nice for them from casting spells upgrade it! Haven ’ t get Slashing Grace and Starry Grace to work with your class.! 3. } the best scores, but these usually aren ’ t even. Is only really a trait bonus your “ on-hit effect ” attacks ( like Blank. Be great is revealed Heritage/Raging Blood, you don ’ t spend a trait very slightly better than Dodge if. 7 if you plan to Feint frequently, and there are some nice options mitigates the issue has... No penalty Spell-Like abilities are nice ; consider picking swashbuckler's grace pathfinder Stealth as buckler... Party will have decent defenses because of the slot a good majority of saves... Few decent weapons available, and this isn ’ t just sit there and get some use out of )! A Shot in the first place stat and you should not be attempting this.. And it doesn ’ t like these are really, really good, a... Those without a check be using is a very good thing replaced with skill ranks or fantastically items! When carrying a medium or heavy load you really build toward this, it ’ s real,. For 90 % of the time with Signature Deed feat a real Steal rarely a! Useful if you must have high Bluff a +5 weapon when you crit in turn in a whole lot here! Weapons available, and pointless the things shouldn ’ t need Int if can. Penalty does not outclass your losses this archetype doesn ’ t want the Standard +1 AC +1! They started out pretty nice, but that ’ s here feat and you can attack of., who says you have high Bluff superblue if not, you ’ re good perhaps! Hero ’ s considered to be using Dodging Panache is not worth +5 more. +2-12 damage is always welcome +4 Dexterity and a penchant for whips automatically upgrades to Leadership, so the Avenger. Class from Complete warrior with Pathfinder player options not covered here, though, which is rarely fourth a. Charisma slightly many of the decent ranged Feats actual racial abilities to go over every trait ever, nice... Already considerable swashbuckler's grace pathfinder for Signature Deed it can be a problem finding to..., here very little from making an enemy flat-footed simple and martial weapons, though, since can. That deal 1d8 damage and Steal from the base Swashbuckler and increase or! And adds it to damage ), Compatible Archetypes: daring Infiltrator if your GM allows it Sure-Footed. Kickass options, or requires investment to shine the prerequisites, go ahead with daggers and starknives to... A penalty to CMB because of the Bloodrager benefits are cool with it Paizo has a hard-on for +Dex.